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One of the newest variations of 21 is Blackjack Switch. It is a great game to play as it has an extremely low house advantage of about 0.05%. It is currently only available online at casinos that use Playtech software. The great news is that there are many reputable Playtech casinos and they all offer big bonuses. Blackjack
 Card Values : The game is played with four decks of playing cards. All         numbered cards have their face value. Jacks, Queens and Kings are worth ten         and Aces can be either one or eleven. Las Vegas USA
 Aim of the Game : Your goal is to beat the dealer with either one or both of         your hands. To do this you want to get  cards totaling 21 or as close to 21         without going over.
Blackjack Switch Rules
The rules are very similar to any other form of blackjack except you are always dealt two hands instead of one. You can then switch cards between the two hands. This makes for a lot more blackjacks then usual.

Because of this the payout for blackjack is reduced from the standard 3 to 2 to a lower 1 to pay out. The other main differences to normal blackjack rules are the fact that the dealer hits all soft 17's rather than stands. There is also the "Push 22 Rule" which we explain below.

Dealer will “push” on a total of 22 (except 'Blackjacks' will still win). This means that whenever the dealer's total reaches 22 then all bets are 'pushed', regardless of their total except if a player has a ‘Blackjack’, which will still win.

There is also a side bet available called the "Super Match" this bet pays a bonus if your hand consists of two or more cards of the same face value.
How the Hands are Played
The game starts as normal. You get dealt two separate hands and then have the option of leaving them as is or switching them. After either taking the switch option you then play the rest of the hand as normal. You can select to hit, stand, stay or double down. The hand is then concluded when the dealer reveals their cards.
Where To Play

All Playtech casinos have the game and all offer new players at least $100 worth of free bonuses. Try out the game online today and see why it is so popular.

US Players : Playtech casinos do not allow players from the USA